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    Slim structure

    LandVac Heritage Vacuum Glazing, a harmony between performance and aesthetics. 

    U-value as low as 0.4 W/(m2·K).

    In comparison with triple-pane insulated glass, LandVac heritage vacuum insulated glazing has only a quarter of its thickness while managing a much better U-value. The thickness of LandVac is only 8.3 mm, which is equivalent to the single pane glass,making it possible to retain the original window frame while replacing the old single pane glass in historical buildings with LandVac.Ideal for historical window restoration, old thin structure house window replacement. Meanwhile, the Visible Light Transmission of LandVac is better than 80%, allowing for great visual experience.
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    Increase the window performance while not compromising your original style. 

    Tempered and Safe:The surface stress and fragmentation test of LandVac vacuum glazing conform with the standard of tempered glass with wind pressure resistance up to 7200 Pa.
    Energy Conservation:The U-value of LandVac is as low as 0.4W/(m2•K),leading to significant energy savings.
    Noise Reduction:Weighted sound reduction≥39dB, which is 1.5 times that of ordinary insulated glass.
    Outstanding Adaptability: The use of LandVac vacuum glazing is not limited by geographical locations, elevation, or installation angle.
    Free of condensation:Remains condensation-free when the temperature difference between the two sides exceeds 70℃.
    Super Long Life:The service Life expectancy of Landvac heritage vacuum glazing exceeds 25 years.
    Lead Free:The Testing Report from CTI, which is authorized by RoHS EU, has witnessed the outstanding environmental-friendly performance of LandVac.

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    Perfect for new windows for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas  
    Product SeriesProduct ConfigurationsSpecificationsApplications
    Visible Light Transmission(VLT)%
    Slim Heritage vacuum glazing4TL(S1.10)+0.3V+4T0.4678 LandVac is Ideal for old and Heritage Windows restoration and refurbishment

    Note:LandVac vacuum glazing is available in a variety of configurations. Here is just a standard and basic configuration for window restoration.
    Sample and customized is available.
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    Refurbishment References 
    For listed buildings in the UK and other historic buildings in conservation areas, 8.3mm Landvac vacuum glazing is the better option. This type of glazing offers superior thermal performance, noise reduction, and durability while preserving the original appearance and character of the buildings. 8.3mm Landvac vacuum glazing is compatible with most existing frames and can be installed with minimal disruption.
    Landvac VIG
    landvac VIG Landvac VIG
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    Certifications and Honours 
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    Easy to Replace  

    LandVac will make historic building restoration work easy and safe.

    A single piece of LandVac vacuum glazing is only 8.3 mm in thickness. When upgrading a single pane window, LandVac can be easily fitted into the original window frames to better retain the original shape of the building.
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    For many years, the choice has been poor performing single glazing, or unreliable and non-traditional slim double glazing, but not any more.

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