LandVac is Chosen to be the Designated Building Material for an Upscale Villa Project in Xi’An

Since the launch of LandVac series vacuum glass, it has demonstrated superior performance in various applications and received widespread market attention. Recently, LandVac made by LandGlass was chosen to be the designated construction material for the sunroom project in an upscale villa in Xi’An . The upgrade delivers outstanding sound and thermal insulation and is well received by the property owners.

Adjacent to Xi’An Tang Paradise in the south, the luxury villas offer a quiet residential neighborhood in the city with the location advantage of key school district and convenient access to transportation. While the prices for these houses easily exceed 10M, it has been one of the preferred communities for many wealthy families. After ID registration at the entrance gate, we were permitted to tour the area. The LandVac installation project is located on the west side of the top floor. The glass selected for this project is the laminated LandVac, with maximum size up to 1755*1865mm. The actual sizes of the customized glass are carefully adjusted based on the sunlight exposure of each wall and their particular positions. While the performance of thermal insulation, energy savings, and noise reduction are optimized, sufficient daylight in the structure is also warranted.

On our arrival, Mr. Chen, one of the owners, greeted us warmly. Talking about the LandVac, he said with a big smile, “I’ve been in building materials business for several decades and handled all types of materials.  Before, the Low-E insulated glass with U-value 1.8W/(㎡·K) is already considered a great product. Now LandVac with U-value 0.4W/(㎡·K) , it’s the first time I’ve seen. I placed the order without hesitation when i saw the samples.” He then invited us to the installation site. Stepping into the sunroom on the west side of the 3rd floor, we were surrounded by heat waves. With outdoor temperature reaching 30 degree Celsius, the temperature inside the sunroom was steaming hot like that in an oven. Looking at the LandVac stacked on the floor, ready for installation, Mr. Chen said, “hot or not, let’s wait and see tomorrow.”

In the afternoon of the following day, we visited the place again to see the sunroom that just had glass replaced by LandVac. With sunshine strong as the previous day, the indoor temperature was obviously much cooler. The burning feeling was gone. I looked at the thermometer. It showed that the temperature was 6-7 degrees Celsius lower than outdoor. Meanwhile, before the replacement, you could hear the traffic noise from the streets. After the glass all got replaced by LandVac, the vacuum chamber of LandVac effectively blocked sound transmission. Having door and windows closed, the room shut also the noise out. Mr. Chen said that the thermal and noise insulation effects were so impressive that he would make LandVac his number one choice for windows and doors in his future projects.

LandVac is fully tempered vacuum insulated glass developed by LandGlass with independent intellectual property rights after eight years of devoted work. It has demonstrated outstanding properties in thermal insulation and energy conservation. It is now summertime and we only enjoy the benefits of heat and noise reduction brought to us by LandVac. In the coming time, we will also be able to experience all other advantages LandVac offers, such as free of condensation and great impact resistance. LandVac will help you to build a comfortable environment and improve the quality of life.

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