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With the growing demand for mobility and rapid expansion of urban areas, noise has already become a considerable part of environmental pollution in modern cities, adversely affecting human health and well-being. How to solve noise disturbance has become a focus of attention. In order to minimize noise, insulated glass is often used in constructions. High-rise buildings usually adopt dual-pane or triple-pane glass filled with dry gases in between and sealed by aluminum alloy frames. However, as gas is still a medium that transmits sound, insulating glass is not an ideal solution in places where noise pollution is heavy. Meanwhile, by reducing the noise transmitting medium to the minimum, vacuum insulated glass demonstrates superior sound-proof advantages unmatched by any other insulating glass. In addition, the thermal insulation property of vacuum insulated glass is also much better than multilayer insulated glass.  Recently, 100% fully tempered vacuum insulated glass made by LandGlass was used in a high-end residential community in Zibo, Shandong. Its performance in noise reduction and energy saving is greatly applauded by the property owners.

One of the owners, Ms. Zhang lives in Zhangdian community, a well-planned neighborhood located next to the main street with easy access to surrounding facilities. Because of this, the house prices remain high. The average price per square meter has been over ten thousand Yuan. This place should have been a great place. However, the quietness of the community was interrupted by the construction of a large shopping mall across the street this year. Following professional advice, Ms. Zhang decided to replace the balcony windows glass on the side facing the street with LandVac to cope with traffic and construction noises.  To increase the room privacy, we coated the LandVac with a gray film of Blue Star Glass.

After the replacement, the field test indicates that when the outdoor noise exceeds 75db in busy hours, the indoor noise level at Ms. Zhang’s home is effectively reduced to less than 40db. Moreover, the energy saving feature of LandVac is also appreciated by users: As LandVac greatly reduces the heat exchanges, there is less need for air conditioner in the summer. Estimated monthly energy saving could be as high as one-third of the regular cost for the same period in previous years. The outstanding performance of LandVac is highly praised by the property owners, which reveals the trend for future energy-efficient buildings.

LandVac is the new-generation energy saving product developed by LandGlass in Luoyang. Tests conducted by world-renowned certification bodies indicate that the U-value of LandVac is as low as 0.48W/(㎡.K), with weighted sound isolation over 36db. LandVac has now been widely used in applications covering construction, automobile, home appliance, and solar industries, as well as passive houses and prefabricated buildings.  It is also included in the new materials list for the 13th Five-Year National Development Plan. In the future, LandVac will play an increasingly important role in more areas, making positive contribution to the construction and development of a more environmental friendly society.

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