LandVac Solves Skyway Traffic Noise Problem


“Thanks to LandVac®, our family finally got our quiet life back”said Mr. Li, a customer living in a Hefei community when he was interviewed by a LandGlass sales manager a couple of days ago.

Mr. Li moved to Binshuiwan community last year. As he said, located close to the provincial government complex with convenient traffic, the community enjoys geographical advantages and great appreciation potential. Unfortunately, the location sits also next to a skyway which is frequently used by heavy trucks from a nearby concrete mixing plant. The busy traffic and low frequency noise from the factory make it hard to settle into sleep at night. The noise brought great disturbance to the family, especially to the elders. Aged people have light sleep and are easy to be waken up by the trucks passing by and the running engines. Then, they will stay awake all the rest of the night. That made Mr. Li worried and wanted to find a solution quickly.

After extensive research, Mr. Li discovered the LandVac® on internet and learned that this high-tech product is currently the best tempered vacuum insulated glass on the market. After he has the windows facing the skyway replaced with LandVac®, The external noise level is greatly reduced.  With the window closed, one can hardly hear the running traffic and honks. Their sleep quality is now improved significantly.


As one of the major things he did this year, whenever Mr. Li talks about LandVac® replacement, it brings him a big smile. “Our entire family are so grateful that LandVac® has brought us back our quiet and comfortable life!”said by him excitedly.

The LandVac® Mr. Li talks about is the exclusive vacuum insulated glass product developed by LandGlass after eight years of unremitting endeavour in the research and development involving nearly one hundred of dedicated professionals of the company. At present, LandVac® has passed RoHS (lead-free) test, ISO quality system certification, ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test. Experts in the industry predict that the next trend in the construction business will be soundproof doors and windows. The success of LandVac® applications brings more options to the fenestration industry.

LandVac® redefines the standards for safety, energy efficiency, and comfort!

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