Vacuum Insulated Glass
Vacuum Insulated Glass is the regular series, suitable for architecture, home appliances, Vehicles, BIPV, and Agriculture.
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Products Low-E Glass Type Visible Light solar energy Thermal transmittance
Total Solar Energy Transmittance (TET) Shading coefficient Sc Light-to-solar gain LSG The weighted sound reduction index dB
Transmittance % Reflectivity % Transmittance % Reflectivity % W/M2K g
Vacuum insulated glass 5TL+0.3V+5T High Transmittance series Off-line Double Silver 70 16 36 47 0.48 0.49 0.56 1.43 36
Off-line Double Silver 80 15 57 35 0.53 0.62 0.71 1.29 36
On-line 74 20 63 20 0.93 0.76 0.87 0.97 36
Shading series Off-line Double Silver 63 24 28 47 0.42 0.29 0.34 2.33 36
Off-line Single Silver 45 16 21 11 0.72 0.24 0.28 1.88 36
  • Architecture
  • Home Appliances
  • Vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • LandVac is thin, lightweight, and safe. The remarkable features including thermal and sound insulation make it a perfect fit for green buildings.
    Applications: Doors, windows, curtain walls, and skylights for upscale commercial and residential buildings, public facilities, as well as landmark structures.
  • The advantages LandVac has in energy savings, weight, thickness, safety, and condensation-free will help home appliances to upgrade.
    Applications: Ideal for freezers, wine cabinets, and display cases.
  • In addition to the excellent thermal insulation, soundproofing and condensation-free features of LandVac, its optical transparency performance makes LandVac the best choice for automobile windows.
    Applications: Suitable as flat window materials for automobiles, high-speed rail, aircraft, and vessels.
  • The distinguishing traits of LandVac in thermal insulation and optical transparency are just right for precision agriculture.
    Applications: Modern greenhouse farming.

1. ATI: Founded in 1970, ATI is a leading certification body for architectural engineering testing and inspection in Northern America.

2. ift: ift is a world-renowned building materials testing institution in Germany.

3. ANSI: Established in 1918, ANSI is the center for U.S. national standards.

Quality Assurance
  • Core Technologies
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Product inspection
  • Low temperature sealing technology: By adopting low-melting-point metal as the sealing material, successfully solved the world-class problem of tempered glass annealing during production.
    High Vacuum Sealing Off technology: air removing and sealing are done in an Ultra High Vacuum environment, it guarantees the consistency of high vacuum in LandVac.
    Flat sealing technology: To make product safer and better looking and allow easier and more cost efficient packaging, storage, and transportation.
    Flexible edge sealing technology: Flexible-sealing materials can withstand more severe thermal shock and larger temperature difference between the surfaces, improving the durability of LandVac significantly.
    Intelligent control technology: The intelligent continuous production line optimizes the production management and control while guaranteeing the quality of LandVac.
  • After eight years of endeavor, LandGlass developed the automatic fully tempered vacuum insulated glass production line. The production line consists of fully automatic spacer placement, high precision automatic combining of glass sheets, continuous removing air in high vacuum environment, and state-of-the-art Cyclone series JetConvection tempering furnace along with full lines of other top brands glass processing equipment. With carefully selected high quality glass sheets, application of self-developed five major technologies, and implementation of monitoring and inspection measures far exceeding industrial standards, LandGlass warrants the Superior quality of LandVac.
  • LandGlass has established high standard quality control system for the raw material checking, process monitoring and final products inspection with the world's leading testing instruments and technologies, focusing on safety and thermal insulation performance of LandVac. We can ensure that every piece of LandVac is of superior quality.
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