LandGlass ranks in the 2018 China’s Top 1,000 Innovative Enterprises List


On November 1st, the release conference of 2018 China’s Top 100, Top 1,000, and Top 10,000 Innovative Enterprises List was successfully held in Renmin University of China, co-sponsored by the Chinese Economic Reform and Development institute and the School of Economics of this university . With the support of the huge Innovation Capability Database of Chinese Enterprises, the list is the outcome of a comprehensive evaluation of more than 100,000 Chinese high-tech enterprises based on their patent quantity , patent quality, the diffusion of innovative values and and the network promotion of innovations, which is conducted in the largest scale and with the latest concept. LandGlass Technology Co. Ltd ranks in the list and is the only company of the glass processing industry among the 25 listed companies from Henan Province.


2018 China Top 1000 Innovative Enterprises List

LandGlass is well deserved for this honor. Up to now, LandGlass has submitted over 600 patent applications worldwide and has been authorized more than 400 patents, which is the only enterprise that has won the China Patent Gold Award for two consecutive years in the glass processing industry. Meanwhile, LandGlass is one of the first enterprises recognized in Henan province that has implemented the Intellectual Property Management System and has also passed the National certification processes. Furthermore, LandGlass is approved by the Post-doctoral Management Committee in 2018 to set up a post-doctoral scientific research station, paving the new way to combine production, education and research. On the road of innovation-driven development, LandGlass has continuously adopted the latest intelligent technologies to produce the world leading tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass products and various Glass Tempering Furnaces, which has been sold and highly recognized in both domestic as well as international markets. Ranking in the 2018 China’s Top 1,000 Innovative Enterprises List is not only the full affirmation of LandGlass’s innovation development strategy, but also reveals that Chinese manufacturing industry is striving to forge ahead on the independent innovation road and will open a new and magnificent era!

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