LandGlass Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass Received CCC Certification

Recently, according to the on-site supervised inspection and the national product inspection standards, China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. (“CTC”) confirmed that the insulated glass, vacuum insulated glass, and tempered glass manufactured by LandGlass are in conformity with the National Safety Glass Compulsory Certification Standards, and granted the CCC (”China Compulsory Certification”) certification.

3C certification is a product conformity assessment system implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations. It is the most basic safety certification to protect consumers’ personal safety and national security and strengthen the management of product quality. The core of the 3C certification focuses on “Safety”. At LandGlass, we are committed to not only the safety of products, but also the safety of our staff and environment. In addition to SGCC safety certification, RoHS lead-free certification, and other authoritative safety certifications that concern the vital interests of consumers, LandGlass has professional safety consultants to establish a sound occupational health and safety management system as well as the environmental management system. More than providing safety assurance to the employees and the production, this system makes LandGlass an enterprise with environmental consciousness by assuming social responsibility and striving for a safer and better world!

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