China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair Concluded Successfully

The four-day 21st China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair has drawn to a close on July 11. During the exhibition, LandGlass demonstrated the tempered vacuum insulated glass product: LandVac® and a wide range of derivative products. These products attracted a large number of participating enterprises and visitors and gained great visibility at the expo! 

Driven by the advanced technology, consumers’ demand is escalating rapidly. The era of smart living is already around the corner. “Intelligentization” has become the inevitable trend of the industrial development. Relying on its strong R&D and innovation capabilities, LandGlass seizes the opportunity to develop more intelligent and upscale customized glass products. In addition to the regular vacuum insulated glass product, LandGlass also displayed the newly developed insulated composite vacuum insulated glass with built-in shutter, switchable composite vacuum insulated glass, and a variety of custom-made intelligent glass products. These products are made according to customers’ requirements. While preserving LandVac’s properties of superior sound isolation and thermal insulation, they provide a more outstanding performance in energy saving, fireproof, and privacy protection, applicable to energy saving buildings, smart living, transportation, national defense and many other fields. They can meet the diverse needs of consumers. Through high-quality display, professional service, and on-site user experience of product performance, LandGlass gained high visibility at the expo and unanimous approval by the participating enterprises. Many contracts were entered during the event.  

Internet of Everything: The advancement shall never stop. With the rapid development of mobile Internet and smart IoT, LandGlass will adhere to the R&D and innovation, continue to break through technical barriers, focus on market demand, and create more intelligent, technological, human friendly products to construct new intelligent experience for users around the world.  At present, LandVac is looking for market partners worldwide. We sincerely invite you to collaborate with LandGlass and seize the opportunities and create a future together! 

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