LandGlass Attended GPD

Recently, LandGlass participated in Glass Performance Days (GPD) hosted in Finland and made a presentation at the seminar on the theme of“The application and development trend of Vacuum Insulated Glass”to discuss in depth with industry peers on the future development of vacuum insulated glass.

GPD is an independent forum dedicated to the development of global glass industry. The conferences were initially organized in Finland. It has now become a platform for the world’s experts, scholars and manufacturing enterprises in glass industry to discuss technologies, demonstrate R&D results, and keep up with the latest technology trends. The event receives great attention in the industry and is well praised by the professionals. More than one thousand industrial experts participated in this conference. As one of the world’s leading enterprises in fields of R&D, production and manufacturing of high-performance new energy efficient materials and high-end intelligent machinery, LandGlass was invited to attend the event.  

LandGlass has been working on the high-performance energy efficient new vacuum insulated glass materials for over ten years. With a professional vacuum insulated glass R&D team staffed by more than 100 multidisciplinary PhDs and masters, and over 700 global patents, the company has established a world-class vacuum glass laboratory -- “LandVac Laboratory”.  Its R&D and manufacturing capacity in tempered vacuum insulated glass is in the world’s leading position.

Since the official launch in 2016, LandVac has passed the SGCC safety test, lead-free test, certification of recommended products for passive houses, energy-saving product certification, green product certification, and other authoritative approval. It has received enthusiastic market response with a large number of purchase orders pouring in from SCHOTT of Europe, Velux, Phononics of the United States, Country Garden, Beijing Academy of Building Research and many other domestic and international customers. At this event, taking “The application and development trend of Vacuum Insulated Glass” as the theme, LandGlass communicated with the participating experts and scholars its achievements in R&D and patents, bringing the leading information and development trend in the vacuum insulated glass industry to the professionals in presence. By vigorously promoting the applications of energy efficient materials for green buildings, it is hoped to further push forward the transformation of glass industry from traditional applications to the fields of energy saving and environmental protection, thus promoting the progress and development of the entire glass industry.

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