Return Home with Glory and Original Aspiration——Highlights of LandGlass at Fenestration Expo and Housing Industry Expo

Following the closing of “Fenestration Bau China 2019 (FBC 2019)” on November 8, “The 18th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipment of Building Industrialization” also concluded successfully on November 9. From Beijing to Shanghai and from the opening to the end of the expos, LandGlass brought the star product——tempered vacuum insulated glass LandVac® to meet old friends and make new friends, receiving affirmation and suggestions from them——such wonderful experiences in both cities.

LandGlass Vacuum Glass

At the very beginning of the expos in Beijing and Shanghai, a wide range of LandVac® products prepared by LandGlass including the max.sized vacuum insulated glass, the irregularly shaped vacuum insulated glass, fire-resistant composite vacuum insulated glass, and stained composite vacuum insulated glass drew great attention of the visitors. The booth was always crowed with people who interacted enthusiastically at the scene. Visitors gained a deeper understanding of the super quiet and ultra-thermal insulated LandVac® by experiencing the products displayed on site and listening to the thoughtful explanation of the professional staff. Currently, LandVac® has passed a series of authoritative approvals including the SGCC safety certification, RoHS lead-free certification, energy-saving product certification, and green product certification. It has also been selected in the “Catalog of the Recommended Products for Passive Low-energy Buildings” of MOHURD. The excellent performance of LandVac® has been widely confirmed by both domestic and international customers in many fields such as energy saving building, smart living, transportation, national defense and military.

FBC 2019

This professional and open space attracted many domestic and foreign industrial elites, hotshots, and customers seeking opportunities for collaborative and future development. Through in-depth learning and personally experiencing the product, customers and advocates who have had worked with LandGlass on multiple occasions before were impressed by the quality of LandVac® and proposed ideas and needs on further cooperation. At the same time, the new friends who came to see the exhibition also showed strong interest in LandVac® tempered vacuum insulated glass, communicated with LandGlass and expressed their intention of cooperation. As of now, LandVac® has been successfully used in various well-known projects in China, including Shaanxi Villas, Weifand Villas, Jilin Hunchun military outpost, Erlitou Museum, and Urumqi passive house project. It has been recognized by many other domestic and international customers including SCHOTT of Europe, Velux, Phononics of the United States, Country Garden, and Beijing Academy of Building Research.

Landvac vacuum insulated glass

With the upgrade of building energy efficiency standards and changes in consumers’ housing needs in China, constructing buildings with “more comfort, better energy efficiency, higher quality, and better environment” has become the trend. As one of the important contributors to the building energy efficiency, LandGlass has always taken ownership and adhered to the independent development and technology innovation approach. The company is committed to promoting market awareness of the vacuum insulated glass and tapping market potential. In the future, LandGlass looks forward to working closely with many aspiring people to explore the business opportunities in the development of vacuum insulated glass and pursuit for the ideal of a safer and better life!

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