LandGlass Assists Enterprises Moving Forward into a New Era of Glass Processing 4.0

On July 12, 2020, the Zhejiang Glass Industry Association tour group consisting of delegates from 35 glass processing enterprises and led by Han Gao, the vice president of the Zhejiang Glass Industry Association, visited the first full-coverage smart factory created by LandGlass for Zhejiang Zhaomin Glass Technology Co. Ltd.

Smart Factory

Zhaomin smart factory

At present, the smart factory has achieved full-line intelligent interconnection through the seamless linkages among all stages in the glass processing. Mr.Wu of Zhaomin Glass accompanied the association members to see the smart factory in operation and explained in detail the workflow of plantwide intelligent manufacturing. LandGlass’s solution and concept of smart factory are new to many visitors and impressed them deeply. At the end of the event, in response to the paramount concern of the association members on the benefits of the smart factory, Mr. Wu said that after the implementation of the LandGlass smart factory, the plant only retained less than a quarter of the original production staff for the operation and realized the automated continuous manufacturing from sheet glass to the finished insulated glass products. The entire manufacturing process achieved seamless connections between stages and significantly improved production capacity and quality with lower production costs.

Smart Factory

Landvac smart factory

LandGlass vacuum glass

vacuum glass

Smart Factory

With the first-hand observation of the successful transformation of Zhaomin Glass from “made in China” to “intelligent manufacturing in China” and the changes and benefits to the glass processing entrepreneurs brought about by the intelligent manufacturing and AI technology as the result of the implementation of LandGlass’ intelligent networking system, the members of Zhejiang Glass Industry Association are now looking forward to the transformation and impact of this evolution to the entire glass processing industry.

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