LandGlass Fire Resistant Glass Tempering Furnace Protects You Safety against Fire—LandGlass supports the 2nd China Fireproof Glass Conference as Title Sponsor

On July 31, 2020, the 2nd China Fireproof Glass Conference exclusively sponsored by LandGlass and hosted by the Fire Glass Committee of the China Building Materials Circulation Association concluded with success in Nanning - the Green City of China. 

More than one hundred participating enterprises in the fire-resistant glass industry chain discussed the strategies and ways for the development of the building materials industry under this new situation, as well as the current actuality, challenges and future development direction of the fire-proof glass industry. Zhiyuan Zhang, the Sales Director of LandGlass in China delivered a speech entitled “Fireproof glass in the construction boom of high-rise buildings,” discussing the challenges of building fire prevention and the corresponding fireproof glass response plan for urban high-rise buildings. He pointed out that as the fire glass industry shoulders the major responsibility of safeguarding lives and properties, it is the duty and bottom line responsibility of all enterprises in the industry to develop safe and reliable fire glass products. As the leader in the fireproof glass tempering machinery manufacturing industry, the high-strength fire-resistant glass panes made by several dozens of enterprises using LandGlass’ fire glass tempering furnaces have all passed the burn test conducted by the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The first-mover advantage has brought the growing market share and definitive economic benefits for the enterprises. In view of our company’s outstanding contributions in the research and development of the fire-resistant glass tempering machinery manufacturing and the technology, Youcai Li, the technology Director of our company, was appointed the technical expert of the Fire Glass Committee of the China Building Materials Circulation Association. 

landglass fireproof glass tempering furnace

With the implementation of the national fire glass policies and standards as well as the continuous increase of public awareness in fire safety, fire rated glass has become another growth point in the industry following the energy-efficient glass products. While China is at a turning point towards an internal circulation oriented economy, whether one can seize the opportunity and make a quick decision will mark a watershed in the development of an enterprise! 

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