LandVac, the Perfect Choice for Cold-chain Workshop Window

The phase I Cold Chain workshop renovation project of a well-known domestic food processing enterprise was just finalized. Equipped with LandVac vacuum insulated glass from LandGlass, the cold-chain workshop observation window has finally got rid of the “haze” and now looks bright and transparent - another masterpiece of LandVac anti-condensation series product in the building fenestration field. 


                                                                   Before                                                                                         After     

A cold chain workshop has to maintain a room temperature at about 5℃ all year round. The observation window made of ordinary glass can easily get foggy due to the temperature differences between the two sides of LandVac, affecting the observation effectiveness, causing inconvenience in the daily production management. LandVac vacuum glass is a perfect solution to the problem. On one hand, with the high vacuum chamber, LandVac does not have condensation issue inside. On the other hand, as its high thermal resistance greatly reduces the surface dew point, LandVac can withstand the temperature difference larger than 70℃ between the two sides of the glass and stay condensation free. Its outstanding anti-condensation performance brings an immediate benefit to the high-end curtain walls and windows used in cold regions.   

As large windows for natural light and panoramic windows fulfill people’s psychological needs for open space, it has been the trend of modern architecture. However, the phenomenon of dew on the glass has been casting shadow on people’s pursuit of architectural aesthetics. Thanks to the anti-condensation, energy saving, and noise reduction properties of LandVac, it has provided comprehensive solutions for building performance optimization projects in different regions through its innovative technology, outstanding performance and practical applications, giving a new interpretation to the architectural aesthetics.  

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