LandVac Condensation Free Glass- Successfully Used in the Refrigerator

Recently, a high-end multi-door refrigerator made by a well-known international appliance manufacturer successfully passed UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) test on the doors for commercial refrigerators and freezers. Since LandVac is the major component of the refrigerator door, the success in this test marks another world class achievement of LandVac. Further, it reveals the absolute advantage of LandVac in condensation resistance, energy saving, and safety. 

Underwriter Laboratories Inc. of the United States is a global testing and certification body dedicated to helping companies to demonstrate the security, compliance, sustainability of their products for personal health and property safety of the users. In the test, LandVac vacuum glass installed on the refrigerator door underwent the ball-drop test, door opening and closing test, and weathering test according to the requirements of UL471 standard for glass strength. After rigorous verification and evaluation, LandVac successfully passed the test. So far, LandVac is the only tempered vacuum insulated glass that has passed this test.   

This high-end multi-door refrigerator is the product of the Company’s pursuit for the design and manufacturing of innovative products and the quality of life under the concept of sustainability. LandVac’s outstanding performance in condensation resistance, energy saving, and safety has made the designers’ dream product a reality.

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