Innovation-Driven Development for a Low Carbon Future

A research group from the Provincial Federation of Industry & Commerce arrived at LandGlass on March 22, 2021, to investigate the company’s progress on innovation and development. Zhou Xinping, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry & Commerce, Yao Yingxia, Director of the Department of Economic Liaison, and Hu Guimeng, a cadre of the Department of Economic Liaison participated in the research activities.

创新驱动 低碳未来 - 省工商联调研组一行调研兰迪机器

Zhao Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LandGlass, and Li Yanbing, the Deputy General Manager of LandGlass briefed the research group on the efforts made by LandGlass on R&D and innovation: At present, LandGlass owns several hundreds of LandVac-related patents registered worldwide; thanks to the excellent properties of LandVac in heat insulation, noise reduction, and ultra-low dew point, as well as the support of expertise and experiences in systematic solutions from LandGlass, LandVac has found a wide range of applications in many fields such as building energy saving, high-end home appliances, and national defense. After having the first-hand experience in the outstanding performance of LandVac and visiting the world’s leading vacuum insulated glass production line, Zhou Xinping, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry & Commerce affirmed LandGlass’ approach and achievements in innovative development, as well as the company’s contribution to enhancing the scientific and technological strength of the national strategic power.

Aiming to have CO2 emissions peak and achieve carbon neutrality, LandVac is becoming a living force in the building energy efficiency field. As a Chinese enterprise, LandGlass will continue its efforts by improving its innovation capabilities and expanding applications of LandVac vacuum glass to other areas and projects and give its own contribution to a low-carbon future.

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