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The 20th China Appliance & Electronics World Expo successfully concluded in Shanghai on March 25. As a major event of the home appliance industry, the expo strives to provide global consumers with a blueprint of intelligent life for the next decade. With more than 1000 domestic and foreign enterprises participating in this event, the expo attracted over 350,000 professionals to visit and share information.

至臻品质 卓越效能 兰迪AWE家电参展后记

At the expo, LandVac is the only glass panel that can meet the three key indicators of high-end refrigeration appliances in condensation resistance, thin and lightweight structure, and energy efficiency at the same time. At present, LandVac has established in-depth cooperation with BSH, Haier, and other well-known domestic and foreign home appliance enterprises. While allowing high-end refrigerators, observing windows, and other cold chain systems to have a transparent visual effect, LandVac Vacuum Glass makes it possible to perfectly combine the functionalities of refrigeration appliances with an elegant appearance. LandVac's superior quality and its successful applications in home appliances and cold chain systems by a number of well-known enterprises drew many companies in relevant industries to the booth to discuss with LandGlass the possible LandVac application solutions.

In addition to the successful applications in the high-end home appliance field, LandVac is also well recognized in projects that require ultra-low and near-zero energy building fenestration. Under the strategic guidance of national carbon peak and carbon neutrality target, in the trend of home appliance upgrading, LandVac is making its contributions to the realization of the green development and quality of life improvement in China.

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