Six things you need to know about how to choose the right vacuum insulated glass(I)

1. The principle and structure of vacuum insulated glass

Vacuum insulated glass consists of two or more glass panes separated with spacers. After the edges are sealed, the air inside is evacuated to create a vacuum space between the two panes. By using the near-zero heat transfer and zero sound transmission characteristics of vacuum space, the vacuum insulated glass becomes the new generation of energy-saving glass products providing outstanding performance in ultra thermal insulation and noise reduction.

vacuum glass

2.What are the characteristics of vacuum insulated glass?
Vacuum insulated glass should offer reliable product performance, especially the performance in thermal insulation and noise reduction. Secondly, vacuum insulated glass should provide a certain degree of safety. For instance, it should retain the characteristics of safety glass. The vacuum insulated glass should also be able to withstand certain external forces so that it can resist wind loads or temperature loads in the applications. Finally, vacuum insulated glass must be able to sustain the stability of long-term performance.

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