Reveal of Vacuum Glazing(I)
1. What is a vacuum glass? 

Answer: Vacuum glazing consists of two tempered flat glass panes separated with micro supporters and is sealed with a metal material. Thanks to the high vacuum chamber, the vacuum glass features lots of prosperity like therm insulated and noise reduction, among others.

2. How does a vacuum glass work?
As we all know, the vacuum chamber of ordinary vacuum thermos cups can effectively block the heat conduction inside and outside and reduce the loss of heat. The Vacuum insulated glass share the same theory with it. 
The vacuum chamber provides vacuum glass with great prosperity in thermal insulation, soundproof,anti-condensation, etc. The vacuum glazing can be simply considered as an unfolded vacuum thermos cup.

3. Does vacuum glass enter the maturity stage?
Yes. The vacuum glass was born in 1993 and entered flow production in 1997. It has a development history of nearly 30 years and has been widely used in high-end construction, home appliances, and other fields worldwide. 
In 2017, LandVac vacuum glass entered continuous production and now it has already been a mature and reliable high-tech product.

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