Reveal of Vacuum Glazing(III)
How long is the service life of LandVac vacuum glazing?

Landvac vacuum glazing has passed various rigorous accelerated aging tests to ensure its lifespan can reach more than 25 years. First of all, LandVac vacuum glazing uses inorganic materials, and there is no phenomenon of performance degradation and aging failure. Secondly, the high-efficiency getter, placed in the vacuum chamber, can maintain a high vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber for a long time. Finally, the LandVac vacuum glass is sealed with metal, which is more reliable and durable.

How good is the thermal insulation performance of LandVac vacuum glass?
The heat transfer coefficient of LandVac vacuum glass can be as low as 0.4 W/(m2·K), which is only 1/4 of that of insulating glass (U value represents the ability of the material to allow heat to pass through per unit area. The lower the U value, the better the thermal insulation). Some people have done such an experiment to see the performance of Landvac in thermal insulation.They placed LandVac vacuum glass over continuously boiling hot water for 30 minutes at room temperature, the upper surface of Landvac vacuum glass is only over 30 degrees, but under the same conditions, the insulating glass is more than 70 degrees.

How good is the sound insulation performance of LandVac vacuum glass?
The weighted sound insulation index of LandVac vacuum glass can reach more than 39 decibels, which is about 10 decibels higher than that of insulating glass. The difference of more than 10 decibels is a huge difference for our auditory system. 
In addition, LandVac vacuum glass is particularly effective in isolating traffic noise and construction noise, making it suitable for application in civil or commercial buildings in areas surrounded by viaducts, construction sites, and other severe noise.
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