Antique Historic Window Replacement and Restoration
It must be a great experience living in a historic house where the history and new lifestyle can be combined in harmony. While, it could also be an exhausting experience when it comes to doing the maintenance, especially for replacing the windows, and keep its integrity of history.

Figure out Why and how.

So what should you do before making the decision to replace the original antique windows of your historic house? First of all, you need to figure out why you need to change the window. Here are two main reasons commonly listed by the owners.
1. First, the original window is flawed. It could have a broken pane and not works well in thermal insulation, noise reduction, etc;
2. Second, the original window is good but its performance in thermal insulation and energy-saving are not very well. Due to historic reasons, most original antique windows consists of single or insulated glasses which can not fit the energy-saving standard now especially when it comes to the new policy of carbon neutrality. What is more, the worse the performance in energy saving is, the more the energy consumption of your house lose , which means more bills need to be paid.
For the first reason, you could choose to replace the single or insulated glass that fits your window structure. 

But for the second one, the same structure of the insulated glass can not make your house lose less energy because the only way to increase the window performance in energy saving is to increase its thickness (like triple insulated glass). However, a triple insulated glass is thicker and can not fit the original window frame. And you need to replace both the window and its frame.

vacuum glass for window restoration

Landvac vacuum glass for historic window replacement.

So how to balance the historic integrity and the window performance? Choose Landvac vacuum glass instead. 
First, the thickness of Landvac vacuum glass is only 8.3mm which is quite suitable for people who want to replace window glass while retaining the window frame. 

Second, thanks to the high vacuum chamber of Landvac, which effectively blocks the thermal transmission, the thermal insulation performance of Landvac is 2-4 times better than insulated glass and 6-10 times better than single pane glass. Compared with insulated glass, the energy consumption per unit of floor area is reduced by approximately 20%. Third, the Testing Report from CTI, which is authorized by RoHS EU, has witnessed the outstanding environmental-friendly performance of Landvac. 

Right now, Landvac vacuum glass has been applied in many historic windows replacement cases in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ecuador, and Australia, among others.

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