Reveal of Vacuum Glazing(V)

1. What leading technologies Landvac vacuum glass applies?

After 8 years of research and development, Landvac vacuum glass has obtained a total of 367 patented technologies. Among them, low-temperature flexible sealing technology and ultra-high vacuum sealing technology are the core technologies of Landvac vacuum glass. With the support of the world's advanced continuous intelligent automatic production line and the online inspection system, the output quantities and quality of Landvac vacuum glass can be guaranteed.

core technologies of Landvac vacuum glazing

2. Is it necessary to buy LandVac vacuum glass considering insulating glass is also good in thermal insulation and energy saving?

Of course, in addition to the great performance in energy saving, LandVac vacuum insulated glass is more important for health. It effectively avoids the cold and heat radiation of the window and improves our somatosensory comfort. Only after using Landvac vacuum glazing, can you know what high-end vacuum glass is.

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