How to deal with the rampant energy crisis in daily life?

With the soaring energy prices in recent months, the coal prices have increased by 50% in the beginning of the year. The prices of natural gas and oil have also surged by 100% and 40% respectively. At the same time, the total energy consumption in China has even surged by 2.4% year on year. It does not only elevate the costs of economic development, but also lead to a higher energy consumption expenditure for all ordinary households.

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Vehicle fuel and heating/cooling are the largest energy consumption expenditures among household energy consumption. In the first quarter of this year, with the rising oil prices, the total sales volume of the Chinese new energy vehicles also surpassed the one million mark, up 140% year on year. It is apparent that increasingly more households have switched to new energy vehicles to control household spending. Meanwhile, the scientists and leading companies at the forefront of advanced building technology and materials have effectively controlled the heating costs in winter and the cooling costs in summer with zero energy-loss building technology and more energy-efficient windows and doors. In 2004, residents of northeast China noticed a prominent difference in their heating costs: take a residential home of about 100 square meters as an example. With the hike in coal prices, the heating costs in winter for some residents increased by more than 2,000 yuan as compared to previous years, while there were not any significant changes for those households using LandVac vacuum insulated glass. So, what are the factors that may have caused such a prominent difference? As we all know, the heat exchange through windows and doors accounts for about 44% of indoor and outdoor heat exchanges. The high-performance LandVac vacuum glass has been critical in effective heat insulation, energy savings and cost control for all households. From the perspective of the performance specifications, the thermal insulation of the LandVac windows is 4-5 times higher than that of the ordinary insulating glass windows. In addition to the reduction of heating costs in winter, it also significantly decreases the running time of air-conditioning in the summer. According to estimates, in comparison with ordinary insulating glass, ordinary households can reduce their heating and cooling costs by more than 50% all year round.

As a once-in-an-era high-tech glass product, LandVac vacuum insulating glass  not only has excellent thermal  insulation properties, but also has better sound insulation and noise reduction performance than ordinary insulating glass. LandVac vacuum glass is not only the ultimate guarantee for a serene and easy life; it is also the protective wall to keep away from subhealth to build a healthy home. With the in-depth implementation of the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” initiative, the concept of energy savings, low-carbon and green development has become the mainstream. LandVac vacuum insulated glass  will also actively participate in the ever-changing era, providing significant support for the beautiful vision of ideal living to become a reality!

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