What is Landvac tempered vacuum glass?

Landvac tempered vacuum glazing is a new generation of vacuum glass products developed by LandGlass.

It consists of two or more pieces of tempered flat glass separated by a support, and the periphery is sealed with alloy material and then evacuated to make a reliable and durable vacuum chamber between the glass. LandVac tempered vacuum insulated glass utilizes the performance of zero heat transfer and zero sound transmission of the vacuum layer, as well as its unique safety performance and bending resistance, becoming a new generation vacuum glass product with excellent performance in thermal insulation, noise reduction (Ideal for soundproof buildings), and anti-condensation(prevent indoor condensation).

Landvac vacuum glass

Landvac tempered vacuum glass not only can greatly reduce the heat and sound transfer on both sides of landvac vacuum glazing which generate the excellent performance in thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, but also can remain a clear and transparent view of the condition that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter is big thanks to its great anti-condensation features. What is more, LandVac tempered vacuum glass can maintain stable performance under horizontal and inclined installation methods, and is especially suitable for sunrooms, skylights, lighting ceiling glass and various passive house projects. In addition, Landvac tempered vacuum glass also has the characteristics of light and thin structure, lead-free environmental protection and long service life.

Tempered vacuum glazing

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