Landvac tempered vacuum glass U value and its excellent properties

Landvac tempered vacuum glass properties

As we all know, space,100 kilometres away from the mean sea level, is in a vacuum state in which heat and sound can hardly be transmitted. Landvac tempered vacuum glass takes advantage of the vacuum layer between two pieces of glass to obtain excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-dew and other capabilities, so Landvac tempered vacuum glazing is widely used in the construction of passive houses, sunrooms, silent rooms, etc.

Landvac tempered vacuum glazing

Compared to other glass products in thermal insulation, soundproof and anti-condensation, Landvac tempered vacuum glass performs far superior.

First, the heat transfer performance U value (Thermal transmittance) of LandVac tempered vacuum glazing is as low as 0.4W/(·K), and its thermal insulation performance is about four times better than that of insulating glass;

Secondly, the sound insulation of Landvac tempered vacuum insulated glass can reach 39dB, which is 37% better than that of insulating glass;

Finally, Landvac tempered vacuum glass will not condense when the outdoor temperature is -25℃ in winter(remains condensation-free when the temperature difference between the two sides exceeds 70).


Note: U-value: Also know as Thermal transmittance, measurement are W/m²K. The lower the U-value is,the better the thermal insulation performance is.

dB: Units of sound measurement for measuring the relative loudness of sounds. 


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