How to distinguish Landvac tempered vacuum glass from other glass

How to distinguish Landvac tempered vacuum glass with others?

First of all, Landvac tempered vacuum glass has a very thin structure, usually around 8.3mm thick, while insulating glass is generally above 16mm;

Secondly, there are evenly distributed microspacers in the middle of Landvac tempered vacuum glazing, while insulating glass does not.

Landvac tempered vacuum insulated glass still has excellent thermal and sound insulation, anti-condensation and other capabilities which are far superior to that of ordinary insulating glass even though its thickness is thinner.

Landvac tempered vacuum glazing

Development of Landvac tempered vacuum glass

At the beginning of 1993, the world's first vacuum glass was born at the University of Sydney; in 2011, LandGlass developed the first 1000X650mm tempered vacuum glass sample; in 2015, the automated production line of Landvac tempered vacuum glass was completed and put into production.

At present, Landvac tempered vacuum glazing has been widely used in many fields such as energy saving buildings(passive houses), residential (old heritage window renovation) and public building noise reduction, high-end home appliances, cold chain, and so on. It is a mature and reliable high-tech product.

development of landvac vacuum glass

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