Manufacture of LandVac Tempered Vacuum Glazing

Manufacture of LandVac Tempered Vacuum Glazing

Fromglasscutting, a piece ofLandVac tempered vacuum glass has to go through a "journey" of 400 meters, more than 40 production processes and 96 hours to be produced.

After glass cutting, edging, drilling, cleaning, screen printing, and tempering, theLandVac tempered vacuum glass will go into the process of deployment of micro spacers, getters, and the subsequent vacuuming process for more than 3 hours to ensure the vacuum chamber ofLandVac tempered vacuum glass reaches a vacuum state, after which the final sealing, testing and other processes will proceed.

A piece ofLandVac tempered vacuum glass embodies the knowledge and experience of dozens of professional disciplines such as vacuum, materials, automation, etc., and features excellent performance such as super thermal insulation, ultra-quiet, ultra-low dew point, ultra-high weather resistance, etc. It is a high-end glass product that combines many cutting-edge technologies.

manufacture of Landvac tempered vacuum glazing

LandVac Tempered Vacuum Glass Series

At present, in addition to the three majorLandVac tempered vacuum glass series-----ThermalInsulation,NoiseReduction, andAnti-Condensation series, LandGlass has also developed LandVac Tempered Vacuum Window with superstructure technology as the core, including Energy Saving (for passive house and sunroom construction), Noise Reducition(for silent room construction) and Anti-Condensation (for refrigerator and freezer) vacuum window series.

Whether you want to replace the whole window or just the glass,LandVac tempered vacuum glass can be customized according to the specific use environment to meet your various needs.

LandVac Tempered Vacuum Glazing Windows

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