To know the Secrets about Vacuum Insulated Glass Before Buying it at Glasstec 2022

Glasstec 2022 will take place as scheduled on September 20-23 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Vacuum Insulated Glass, as a new-rising energy saving glass, which offers ultra thermal insulation, noise reduction, and condensation-free features, has attracted increasing attention in the glass industry. LandGlass would like to share our professional knowledge in vacuum insulated glass, helping you get the necessary information about it before making the purchase decision. LandGlass is looking forward to meeting you at Hall 12 A71.


With the steady progress of the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy of "Carbon peak and carbon neutrality" and increasing pursuit of natural comfort, quiet and joyful quality of life by conscious people, the vacuum insulated glass that offers ultra thermal insulation, noise reduction, and condensation-free features is gradually becoming known to the public and finds its applications in the fields of commercial and residential buildings as well as high-end refrigeration appliances. As the market is now flooded with different types of vacuum insulated glass products and technologies, LandGlass provides you the following key guidelines to help you understand and choose reliable vacuum insulated glass products.

Six things you need to know about how to choose the right vacuum insulated glass 

LandGlass at Glasstec 2022 

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