LandVac Vacuum Glazing Used in Ultra-low Energy Buildings in Luoyang

Recently, the Heluo Chunfeng Garden project located in Luoyang, Henan has been finally completed and delivered. As a key demonstration project of an ultra-low energy building in Luoyang, the Heluo Chunfeng Garden project has rewritten history with an ultra-low energy building in western Henan. It is an important milestone in promoting the growth and development of ultra-low energy buildings in western Henan and even in a broader area.

LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glass Used in Ultra-low Energy Buildings in Luoyang

Ultra-low energy building refers to industrial and residential building that uses a wide range of energy-saving technologies in envelope structure, control systems, and renewable energy utilization with a much lower energy consumption than a conventional building. The energy consumption level is the key index to measure the quality of ultra-low energy buildings. According to reliable data, the heat loss through the building doors, windows and curtain walls accounts for up to 40% of the overall heat loss of the building. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to select windows and doors with the best performance to reduce energy consumption. In the Heluo Chunfeng Garden project, Party A finally picked LandVac, the high-performance vacuum insulated glass, with thermal insulation performance 4 times better than the ordinary insulated glass, achieving the optimal energy-saving features for the windows and doors so as to meet the stringent standards for ultra-low energy buildings. Energy savings, emission reduction, and green and sustainable development have become important goals of quality development in China. During the course of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, apart from the completion of modifying existing buildings with energy-saving features (350 million m2), China will also construct 50 million m2 of ultra-low energy buildings and near-zero energy buildings. In the near future, LandVac would become part of everyone’s life, creating a green energy-saving experience and a comfortable, healthy living environment for all.

LandVac high-performance vacuum insulating glass products are easily available in many exclusive partnership stores and distributors all over China. If you want to experience the unique energy-saving and quality performance of LandVac in advance in order to upgrade your living experiences, please feel free to leave a message in the Comment Section. We will immediately contact you to help you achieve a more comfortable, healthy energy-saving and low-carbon lifestyle as soon as possible!

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