Are LandVac Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glazing best for Skylights Roof?
Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into your home, but not all glass is suitable for them. The type of glass you choose for your skylights depends on several factors, such as the climate, the orientation, the size and the shape of the skylights.
The most common options are tempered or laminated insulated glass.But maybe Landvac tempered vacuum-insulated glazing is much better for skylight roofs.
As we all know, for regular IGU, installation with inclination changes the convection in the inter-space and decreases the U-value. The U-value when the IGU is installed overhead is about 1.5 times more than that when installed vertically. And a higher U-value means bad thermal insulation and energy-saving performance. 

For LandVac vacuum insulated glazing, it won't happen and the U-value always remains the same since there is no thermal expansion or contraction in the high vacuum chamber of LandVac, which ensures excellent energy-saving effect, especially suitable for skylights, sunrooms, daylighting roofs, and applications in other special spaces. Now LandVac vacuum insulated glazing units have been used on the skylight widely in China and are well-appraised by users.

Landvac vacuum insulated glazing for skylighr roofs

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