How LandVac Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glazing stops condensation on windows overnight in the winter?
How LandVac Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glazing stops condensation on windows overnight in the winter? 
Do you often encounter a problem with the doors and window glass of your home being full of dew? In professional terms, this is window glass condensation.
Dew condensation on doors and window glasses is the condensation of dew or water mist on the interior surfaces of doors and windows. When the surface temperature of the solid (glass, window sash, window frame) is lower than the dew point temperature of the surrounding humid air, the water vapour in the air turns into liquid water and condenses on the surface of the cold solid, which will cause condensation. When the dew is severe or does not evaporate quickly, water droplets will form and flow down the edge of the glass. There is less condensation on the doors and windows on the positive side and more condensation in the kitchen and bathroom on the shaded side.

There are three conditions for dew condensation. 
First, the room must have a certain temperature and humidity. Secondly, the temperature of the air is higher than that of the surface of the dew condensation object. 
Finally, the temperature of the surface of the dew condensation object is lower than the dew point.
That is to say, under the same indoor humidity and temperature conditions, the lower the temperature of the interior surface of the doors and window glass, the easier the condensation will occur.
Landvac anticondensation vacuum glazing
Vacuum glass has super thermal insulation performance. In the cold winter, even if the outdoor temperature drops to -30°C, the temperature of the indoor glass surface is similar to the room temperature and much higher than the dew condensation temperature. 
Take Landvac vacuum glazing as an example. It is free from condensation thanks to its high vacuum chamber. It can remain condensation-free when the temperature difference between the two sides exceeds 70℃, keeping away from condensation. 
This great performance also makes it possible for high-end refrigerators, observation windows, and other cold chain systems to have a great visual effect.
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