Safeguarding College Entrance Examination with Noise Reduction LandVac from LandGlass

The College Entrance Examination of 2017 started today with 9.4 million of candidates nationwide. Among them, over 55,000 third grade High School students in Luoyang are going to have their decade of hard study evaluated today. While millions of families are holding their breath at the moment, do you still recall the extreme story a few years ago?  Parents of the candidates in one city blocked the normal traffic in an attempt to keep the traffic noise down and create a quieter ambient for their children taking the tests?

The parents might be able to justify their behavior with a study proving that exposure to noise over 40dB for extended period of time could have severe impact on the quality of human life and health. With the rapid development of the society, more and more transport systems are put in place.  However, the boom brings also considerable amount of noise to our lives. Especially those who reside in the areas close to high-speed railway, freeway overpass, or airport have been deeply disturbed by the emerging urban traffic noise. As the summer time approaching, ever busy sidewalk food stands set up in residential neighborhoods will extend their business hours to 2-3 o’clock in the morning. KTVs are also welcoming the arrival of their busy season. In addition to the stiffing heat of summer, rising noises are especially irritating.

Thanks to the vacuum chamber, vacuum glass is the best glass product for noise reduction. What stands out in the crowd today is no one else but LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass from LandGlass.  The new generation noise reduction and energy saving product developed by LandGlass in Luoyang, LandVac has been proven by well-known global architectural materials testing and certification bodies to have a thermal transmittance U-value as low as 0.4W/(m2.K), and weighted sound reduction index over 36dB. At present, many customers coming to order fully tempered vacuum insulate glass are not only in favor of the energy saving feature of vacuum glass, they also greatly appreciate the noise reduction performance of LandVac.  At this moment, LandGlass is glad to extend our best wishes to each and every candidates for the colleges.  We are more than happy to play a role in your endeavor for a better life by offering an excellent glass that allows you enjoy a quiet personal space in this flourishing but noisy city!

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