LandVac tempered vacuum glazing for energy saving buildings
LandVac vacuum glazing is a new type of energy-saving glass that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a highly efficient solution for buildings that require insulation from external noise and temperature changes. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of LandVac vacuum glazing and how it can help you save energy.

What is LandVac Vacuum Glazing? 
LandVac vacuum glazing is a type of glass that consists of two tempered panes of glass separated by a vacuum chamber. The vacuum cavity between the panes of glass significantly reduces heat transfer through convection and conduction, giving it excellent thermal insulation properties. Thank to which, the condensation problem of conventional IGU can be practically eliminating and providing nicely curb appeals for the buildings.

Benefits of LandVac Vacuum Glazing 
LandVac vacuum glazing offers comprehensive energy-saving solutions for buildings with its high comfort and low energy consumption features. The U-value of LandVac vacuum glazing can be as low as 0.4W/(㎡·K), which is 2 to 4 times better than insulated glass. A piece of 8.3mm thick LandVac vacuum glazing, the standard configuration, provides a heat insulation effect better than that of a 1.5 m thick brick wall. LandVac vacuum glazing also considerably suppresses radiation heat transfer, making it an ideal choice for energy-saving buildings.

Applications of LandVac Vacuum Glazing 
LandVac vacuum glazing is suitable for a wide range of window restoration and refurbishment applications, including residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. LandVac vacuum glazing can also be used in windows, doors, and skylights, providing a high level of insulation while allowing natural light to enter the building.

How to Order LandVac Vacuum Glazing
If you are interested in ordering LandVac vacuum glazing, you can contact us here to learn more about the product and find a distributor near you.

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