LandVac Tempered Vacuum Glass Pioneers Energy-saving Buildings in Nanyang

Nanyang has recently become a haven for book lovers with the launch of several ultra-low energy urban reading rooms. These spaces offer the local community high-quality cultural services close to home, attracting students, parents, and residents who are eager to delve into books in a comfortable setting.


Unlike the bustling, cold streets outside, these reading rooms offer a warm, tranquil environment, perfect for losing oneself in a book. Bright, clean, and lined with an extensive selection of books, they provide a serene escape where people can read or relax in peace. Nanyang stands out as one of the first cities in the country to build such eco-friendly reading spaces. Each room is not only aesthetically pleasing but also themed, emphasizing energy conservation and reduced emissions. They are designed using passive architectural techniques and incorporate advanced technologies like LandVac titanium vacuum insulated glazing, solar power generation, and high-efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems. This innovative approach keeps the indoor temperature around a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius year-round without the need for air conditioning, ensuring a refreshing reading environment. Additionally, the superior soundproofing of the LandVac titanium vacuum insulated glass ensures a quiet space for readers to immerse themselves in their literary adventures.


In an era where the desire for quality of life and societal progress is paramount, reading enriches the soul while technology enhances our capabilities. LandVac is committed to collaborating with industry partners to harness technology for a better life, spurring innovation to meet the evolving expectations of a good life and contribute to the nation's 'dual carbon' goals.

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