LandVac: Pioneering Multiple Published Standards

In recent years, the advancement of 'dual carbon' goals and rapid strides in energy-saving technologies have brought a fresh wave of opportunities and challenges to the traditional construction industry. In this evolving landscape, the development and standardization of industry norms are playing a crucial role in driving the sector's transformation and upgrade.

 LandVac: Pioneering Multiple Published Standards

As a frontrunner in vacuum glass research, development, and application, LandVac has set a high bar with its titanium vacuum glass. This innovation has undergone extensive quality and reliability testing by over ten domestic and international organizations. Further, LandVac has been instrumental in aiding more than 50 door and window companies with the development and promotion of LandVac applications, culminating in over a thousand global energy-efficient building projects.LandVac's extensive experience in research and practical application has led to its involvement in drafting three national standards, including the 'General Specification for Building Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Utilization' and its associated door and window product atlas. Additionally, LandVac has contributed to thirteen local standards, such as Hebei Province's 'Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Residential Building Energy Conservation Design Standard,' two industry standards including 'Vacuum Glass,' and two group standards, one of which is 'Glass for Transparent Parts of Passive Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Buildings.' These standards span various areas like vacuum glass, system windows and doors, and green building, laying a technical groundwork for the broad application of vacuum glass and bolstering the industry's move towards standardization and healthy growth.

With unwavering determination and a sense of mission, LandVac is charting new territories through practical initiatives. In a world where technology is the primary driver of productivity, and product and application standards represent a competitive edge at the national level, LandVac’s active participation in setting industry and application standards is not just a reflection of its corporate responsibility towards national scientific progress but is also a testament to its technological prowess and strength.

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