LandVac vacuum insulated glazing for energy saving building
LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glazing Used in TIANSHAN No. 1 Energy Saving Building, Hebei
The Tianshan No.1 Passive House Project is a remarkable example of energy-efficient design and sustainable living. Located in Hebei, China, this project incorporates high-performance titanium vacuum insulating glass (VIG) manufactured by LandVac. Let’s delve into the details:

The Role of LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glass
LandVac VIG is a cutting-edge vacuum glazing solution combining exceptional thermal insulation and noise reduction capabilities. Here’s how it contributed to the success of the Tianshan No.1 project:

Thermal Insulation:
The 5TL+0.3V+5TL configuration of LandVac vacuum glazing ensures outstanding thermal performance. It minimizes heat transfer through the windows, keeping the indoor environment comfortable year-round.
The overall window U-value (thermal transmittance) achieved in this project is less than 0.8, surpassing energy efficiency standards.
Noise Reduction:
LandVac VIG significantly reduces external noise infiltration. Occupants can enjoy a peaceful and quiet living environment.
Glass Configuration
LandVac VIG Configuration: 5TL+0.3V+5TL+16A+6T

The Tianshan No.1 Passive House Project is another testament to the effectiveness of LandVac vacuum insulated glazing. By combining thermal insulation and noise reduction, LandVac contributes to sustainable and comfortable living spaces.

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