Customer Case: LandVac Vacuum Glazing for Smart Vending Freezers
# Enhancing Efficiency with LandVac Titanium Vacuum Insulated Glass
## Introduction
The Hunan Smart Vending Freezer Project has revolutionised the industry by incorporating cutting-edge technology. One of the key components driving this innovation is LandVac's high-performance titanium vacuum insulated glazing(TI-vig).

## The Power of LandVac TI-vig

### High Vacuum Chamber
LandVac TI-vacuum insulated glazing features a high vacuum chamber that effectively blocks heat transfer. Unlike traditional insulated glass, which relies on air or gas-filled gaps, the vacuum in LandVac TI-vig ensures minimal heat conduction. This vacuum layer acts as a thermal barrier, preventing external temperatures from affecting the internal environment of the vending machine.

### Unparalleled Thermal Insulation
The thermal insulation performance of LandVac TI-vig is remarkable. It offers 2-4 times better insulation than standard insulated glass. But what truly sets it apart is its performance relative to single-pane glass: LandVac TI-vig provides 6-10 times better thermal insulation. This means that vending freezers equipped with LandVac TI-vig maintain a stable internal temperature, regardless of external weather conditions.

## Benefits for the Hunan Smart Vending Machine Project

### Reduced Heat Exchange
Traditional vending freezers often struggle with heat exchange. External heat can cause temperature fluctuations inside the freezer, affecting product quality and energy consumption. With LandVac TI-vig, heat exchange is minimized. As a result, the vending freezer maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for perishable goods.

### Energy Efficiency
By reducing heat transfer, LandVac TI-vig contributes to energy efficiency. Vending freezers equipped with this glass require less energy to maintain their internal temperature.

### Condensation-free transparency
LandVac TI-VIG remains condensation-free when the temperature difference between the two sides exceeds 70℃, keeping the freezers away from the condensation issue.

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