The R&D Director of LandGlass Receives National Award

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC released the “Notice on 2016 Recognition of Advanced Groups and Individuals in Enterprises’ Intellectual Property Work” (Guo Zhi Fa Guan Han Zi 〔2017〕No. 280). Mr. Yanbing Li, R&D Director of LandGlass was named one of the 2016 advanced individuals in enterprises’ intellectual property work nationwide.

In order to build a powerful intellectual property nation, implement the strategy of enhancing the regional innovation-driven development capacity, and provide strong support to the improvement and upgrading of economic performance, the State Intellectual Property Office has been actively promoting and fostering demonstration enterprises and enterprises with competitive advantages. These efforts have resulted in tangible outcomes. For the purpose of establishing powerful intellectual property based enterprises, and advancing the intellectual property work to a new level, in 2017, the State Intellectual Property Office identifies advanced groups and individual in the fields after evaluating the performance of the 2016 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and competitive enterprises. The State Intellectual Property Office selected total of 223 advanced individuals who made significant contributions to the enterprises’ intellectual properties this time. Among them, 181 people, including 5 from Henan Province received the honor. 

The “National Advanced Individual in Enterprises’ Intellectual Property Work” title awarded to Director Yanbing Li, is not only the full affirmation by the State Intellectual Property Office of his personal fulfillment in terms of creation, utilization, protection and management of intellectual properties, it is also the recognition of LandGlass’ achievement in its continuous efforts to implement intellectual property strategy, strengthen enterprise’s core competitiveness through technology innovation, and promote business development based on intellectual property.

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