LandVac Adds Energy-saving Genes to Your House

It is now winter time - time for you to watch snow falling in your cozy home with a cup of hot drinks holding in hands. However, if the window glass has poor insulation, causing the house freezing cold, or making the window glass condensed and blurry because of the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, one may have no mood to appreciate the beautiful snow scene. To keep a nice looking house warm, energy consumption is a subject must be dealt with.

According to the published documents and studies done by researchers at LandGlass, building energy consumption has accounted for one-third of the total energy consumption of the society (33%). While windows normally account for only 8.6% of the building surface, they are responsible for more than 38% of the energy loss. Considering the use of energy-saving glass as the determinant of a building’s power conservation, vacuum insulated glass currently offers the most outstanding performance in energy-saving. Among them, LandVac® is one of the best.

The new generation vacuum insulated glass - LandVac® is available now ~ click here right away to find out how many applications LandVac may have in a building.

 LandVac®——fully tempered vacuum insulated glass; with retention of impact resistance, wind load resistance, and other safety features of tempered glass; with thermal insulation efficiency 2-4 times better than insulating glass, 6-10 times than single pane glass, and heat transfer coefficient as low as 0.48W/㎡•K. Installation on residential houses can significantly reduce the cost of energy consumption.

Performance of LandVac® is not affected by installation angles in rooftop or side-wall applications. 

With weighted sound reduction index of LandVac® up to 36dB, it offers improved noise isolation when sealed in high-grade aluminum-plastic window frames. 


The thermal insulation performance of 8.3mm thick LandVac® is equivalent to a 1.5m brick wall. Its bathroom installation will keep you warm and relaxed at all time. 

When using LandVac® for curtain wall applications, the glass surface will not be condensed, even if the outdoor temperature is minus 20°C. Oversized wall allows deeper penetration of natural light.

LandVac® applications in luxury villa invite you to enjoy warm sunshine in winter time with the benefit of energy-saving and wide angle open view.

Improved indoor comfort, reduced energy consumption, and upgraded quality of green life - LandVac® provides you the most desirable solution. For more information, please call us at 0086-379-80890369 or visit our official website at LandGlass welcomes your inquiry. 

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