LandVac - a Perfect Choice for Architectural Skylight

Recently, LandVac® won several large scale construction projects in Northwest region. With various features including light weight, thin thickness, clear transparency, high safety, and extensive use in many aspects of building construction without regional limitation, LandVac has been well received by consumers.

Researches show that under heated or air-conditioned environment, heat loss through single pane windows accounts for 30%~50% of heating load. In China, as major components in building ventilation, the energy consumption of windows and doors is generally 4 times higher than walls, 5 times than rooftop, and over 20 times than ground floor. Therefore, selection of right glass is particularly important in building energy efficiency.

The U-value of the insulating glass commonly used in the market today varies depending on the position and angle of the installation. For instance, if you change a 6mm+12mm+6mm argon gas filled and coated insulating glass from an upright position to a horizontal position, its U-value will increase from 1.45W/m2.K to 2.14W/m2.K, severely affecting its thermal performance. While there is no presence of thermal expansion or contraction in the high vacuum interlayer of LandVac, its application is not limited by geographical locations or elevation. It guarantees the energy saving efficiency through a constant heat transfer coefficient, regardless of whether you require a flat or sloped installation.

The photo above is a rooftop sun room in an upscale community in Xi’an, built with LandVac®——By retaining impact resistance, wind load resistance, and other safety features of tempered glass, the fully tempered vacuum insulated glass warrants the safety of rooftop applications.

The light weight and thin thickness of LandVac® promises higher transmittance and improved optical transparency. With its powerful soundproof feature, LandVac brings quietness to home by blocking out the disturbance of urban noises.

LandVac® is not only suitable for residential use, it has also wide range of applications on public buildings. Below is a rooftop project for a courthouse in Xi’an.

The project is a roof skylight located in the center of the 12th floor, responsible for the daylighting of the entire lobby. As one of the governmental administrative offices, in addition to answering the call to the national policies in energy conservation, emission reduction, and green office, safety is one of the most important measures in the construction. After thorough research, the exclusive advantage offered by the fully tempered vacuum insulated glass——LandVac® gives the contractor great confidence.

Thanks to the stable performance of LandVac®, neither the installation angle nor the mounting method affects its U-value. While ensuring the thermal insulation, it has maximized the access to natural light.

Comparing to the insulating glass with the same U-value, LandVac® is much thinner and lighter with less inner layers, providing better optical transparency and excellent condensation resistance.  In a lab environment, it is able to maintain a condensation free surface when the temperature drops to minus 70°C, fulfilling the primary lighting requirement for skylights.

As an outstanding energy-saving product in its category currently available on the market, LandVac® offers features such as energy efficiency, optical transparency and aesthetic appearance.  It can be widely used in architecture, automobile, home appliance, solar energy, and other areas normally dominated by ordinary glazing, including passive buildings, manufactured buildings, as well as special market segments for high-speed rail, vessels, and greenhouses. LandGlass looks forward to your inquiry. For more information, please call 0086-379-80860369, or visit

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