LandGlass Annual Summary Awards Ceremony and 2018 New Year Party

We welcome the Chinese Year of Dog as we say goodbye to the Year of Golden Rooster! In the afternoon of February 10, 2018, gathering together the Company’s leaders, staff members, and representatives from many suppliers at He Luo Theatre, LandGlass held the Kickoff Party for the New Year under the theme of “Encouragement 2018”, to review the extraordinary achievements in the past while looking into the promising future.


Beginning with a review of the laudable achievements in 2017, Mr. Yan Zhao, the Chairman and General Manager of LandGlass delivered the 2018 New Year speech with great enthusiasm. After years of development, he said, LandGlass has become an international technology leading company in glass tempering equipment manufacturing industry and formed its unique core competitiveness. Looking forward, LandGlass shall continue the efforts to strengthen its leading edge in forced convection technology and F&B glass tempering furnaces while diversifying its product portfolio for the upcoming industry 4.0 upgrades. He also said that the year 2018 would be a turn point for “Made in China” to advance towards a new digitized intelligent era.  Keeping always in mind our mission, LandGlass shall forge ahead with great encouragement to embrace new opportunities and cope with new challenges in 2018!At the party, Mr. Zhao and other senior leaders of the Company awarded the individuals and teams who made significant contributions in the past year and called on all staff to learn from them.


After the presentation, the celebrating party started the passionate opening dance “Panama”.   Focusing on the theme of “Encouragement 2018”, the party delivered a wide variety of diversified shows.  The party was full of joy and laughter: the short comedy “Treasure Box” and crosstalk “Class Reunion” were laugh-out-loud funny, along with melodious singing, graceful dancing, and Peking opera aria; fabulous shows one after another, demonstrating the versatile talents of LandGlass staff. The party was concluded with enthusiastic interactive games. 



That was the evening of joy for all LandGlass staff! While being an unprecedented party itself, the event boosted the morale and passion of LandGlass people for work! In the upcoming year, we are all confident that the company will open a new chapter in its development through the assiduous efforts of every staff member at LandGlass! 

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