LandGlass Hosted the Meeting on Vacuum Insulated Glass

On March 30, 2018, the sixth session of the First Standing Committee of the Professional Committee of Vacuum Insulated Glass of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association hosted by LandGlass was successfully held in Luoyang. Fourteen people, including the Deputy Secretary Hui Li, along with Deputy Director of the Vacuum Glass Professional Committee, members of the Standing Committee, specially invited representatives, secretariat staff of the professional committee attended the meeting.

Mr. Hui Li delivered a speech at the beginning of the meeting to welcome the new members of the Vacuum Insulated Glass Standing Committee and to affirm the work accomplished by the committee last year. He urged the committee members to ensure the implementation of the meeting resolutions after full discussion and further promote the healthy development of the vacuum glass industry. Later, as the representative of the hosting company, Mr. Zhao, the Board Chairman and General Manager of LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd also made a speech. Mr. Zhao thanked first the leaders of the association to allow LandGlass to have the honor of hosting the meeting. Since LandGlass launched the fully tempered vacuum insulated glass - LandVac in 2016, LandVac has passed a number of industrial standard tests, including ISO9001 quality system certification, ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test. Meanwhile, LandVac is well received by many customers in the market, winning considerable market recognition. It has been successfully used in various applications in scientific research, architecture and home appliance areas.  We would not have been able to accomplish this without the help and support from the association and our partners in the industry. In the future, with the continuous support from the association, by enhancing innovative technologies and outstanding products, LandVac will help us to fulfill our commitment to improve the quality of life for the users we serve around the world.
Following Mr. Zhao’s speech, the meeting proceeded to work reporting and in-depth discussion.  During the meeting, from an industrial perspective, each member of the standing committee expressed their opinions on present industry status, market order, technical bottlenecks, implementation of policies, and future development. Members came to an agreement covering areas such as communications between governmental departments, product standards, industrial self-discipline, and statistical information, etc.
As one of the few cutting-edge products with independent intellectual property rights in our glass industry, vacuum insulated glass is a new type of glass product with great potentials. In the upcoming months, under the leadership of the Association, by creating innovative work mode, and enhancing communication and cooperation, committee members are committed to make new contributions towards the healthy growth of the vacuum insulated glass industry!

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