LandGlass is Proud of being Awarded Licensing among the First Vacuum Insulated Glass Manufacturing Companies 

The establishment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Ultra-Low Energy Construction Industry Alliance was held on June 5 in Beijing with grand opening. Vacuum Insulated Glass is the preferred window glass choice for passive houses and ultra-low energy buildings construction. China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association concurrently held a press conference for the “First Batch of Vacuum Insulated Glass Production Enterprises to be Awarded Licensing”. Under the joint witnesses of hundreds of representatives from the Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance in the low-energy consumption building industry and dozens of well-known domestic news media, LandGlass had been awarded the medal, with its products certified by the association. This move not only set a benchmark for the standardized production of Vacuum Insulated Glass industry in China, it also pointed out the direction for ultra-low energy building developers in material choice.

As an enterprise certified by the association for its Vacuum Insulated Glass products, LandGlass is one of the few enterprises in the building material industry in China that has its own independent intellectual property rights which can realize and achieve automation and mass production, an enterprise with world-leading standards. As a leader in Vacuum Insulated Glass, LandGlass has newly developed an innovative product with independent intellectual property rights - LandVac®. Developed by our company’s nearly hundred peopled R&D team, LandVac® vacuum glass has undergone eight years of research and development, and equipped with world-leading standards. LandVac®’s thermal transmittance can be as low as 0.4W/(m2·K), meeting the requirements in windows and doors thermal transmittance for international passive houses. In addition, LandVac® vacuum glass has obtained multiple certifications, with RoHS (lead-free) certification, ISO quality system certification, SGCC safety glazing certification, passed the German ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test. LandVac® has demonstrated superiority leading the industry in terms of thermal insulation, noise reduction, condensation free, safety, and light and thin structure. Our product is already widely used in fields such as scientific research, construction, and household appliances.

Accompanied by our government's policy support in the promotion of passive housing and the continuous construction of passive housing projects worldwide, there will be more and more Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass applications in the future. As the first batch of certified Vacuum Insulated Glass manufacturers in China, LandGlass will firmly fulfill its corporate responsibilities, adhere to the pursuit of quality, continuous innovation, and mission to benefit global customer, contributing our due in passive ultra-low energy construction, global energy conservation, green building, and the environmental protection industry.

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