LandGlass at Mir Stekla 2018

The 20th anniversary Russia International Glass Industry Exhibition was held at the Expocentre, Moscow from May 28 to May 31, 2018. In the exhibition, LandGlass presented a comprehensive series of flat and bending glass tempering solutions as well as the highly efficient and energy-saving LandVac vacuum insulated glass, covering various industries such as construction, furniture, home appliances, automobiles and solar power generation.


In conjunction with the economic recovery in Russia, the glass processing industry has also witnessed continual growth. Under such market conditions, many tempered glass manufacturers have expressed their willingness to further invest in the local market and procure new glass tempering machine. During the exhibition, one of our Russian customers cited that he had chosen the glass tempering furnaces from LandGlass previously. Over the many years of operation, the equipment were both very stable and reliable, producing exceptionally high-quality glass products. On top of that, LandGlass has also projected an unforgettable impression and experiences for him with all the provision of its technical support and services. With the constant expansion of the company’s scale of operation, he is planning to purchase another glass tempering furnace this year. As such, he has purposely visited LandGlass at the exhibition site for a detailed inquiry of related information about the smart Cyclone glass tempering furnace from LandGlass. Furthermore, he has also expressed his intent of purchasing such equipment. He is hoping to achieve smart automation in the production processes, effectively cutting down on manpower and further elevating the production efficiency and product quality at the same time and providing a push for the company to scale new heights. Besides the glass tempering furnace, LandVac vacuum insulated glass will definitely inspire exuberant reception. Due to the unique geographical location and weather condition in Russia, the visiting customers have expressed great interests in the superior features of our LandVac products, including thermal insulation, condensation free, etc. to counter the adverse weathers. Some customers have also voiced their intention to purchase them.

Leveraging on the leading technological advantages, superior equipment quality and impeccable customer services over the years, LandGlass has garnered outstanding reputation in Eastern Europe. In the foreseeable future, LandGlass will strive to constantly create and innovate its technologies so as to provide its customers with world-leading glass tempering furnaces. At the same time, it will deliver a significant boost for its customers to achieve their new strategic development.

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