LandVac Awarded the Accolade of “The Brand of Choice for Energy-Saving, Quiet Windows and Doors Collaboration”

The 2018 China Building Decoration Industrial Development Forum and Award Ceremony of the 8th China International Space Design Competition (China Building Decoration Design Award) was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 12 – 14, 2018. LandGlass was very honored to be invited to participate in the event. Shenzhen has always been capturing half of the market share in the China building decoration industry. There are 49 enterprises under the Top 100 China Building Decoration Industry registered in the Futian area. On top of that, the local government has been providing strong support in many areas to drive the sustainable development of the building decoration industry.

In the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall, a whole lot of local and overseas designers was crowded at the thermal insulation display case of LandVac. The display case was tightly enclosed with four different types of glass on each facing. One of the sides was fitted with a single-layer clear glass. The internal area of the display case was subsequently heated up to 102℃ and at the same time, the side fitted with the insulated glass was reading at 53℃, while that side of the glass installed with LandVac was only 33℃! At that moment, the designers were thoroughly convinced by the 20℃ differences between the side with LandVac and the insulated glass. After experiencing the latest technology, a designer was elated and said, “We are currently having headaches with the thermal insulation performance of our sun-lit room. Why do we have to wait until now to discover such a outstanding product.”


During the forum discussion, Deputy Secretary of the China Building Decoration Association, Liu Yuan, had backed LandVac on several occasions. He excitedly pulled the hands of Yang Bangsheng, the “China Renowned Hotel Designer” – Top 10 Global Outstanding Chinese Designers and said, “I would like to recommend a good product to you. You get a feel to distinguish the differences between these two types of glass.” After watching the distinctive comparison, the latter was not only full of praise for LandVac that far surpasses the heat insulation property of the insulated glass, he was totally blown away by the mere 8.3mm thickness of LandVac.

In the grand award ceremony, LandVac was awarded with the accolade of “The Brand of Choice for Energy-Saving, Quiet Windows and Doors Collaboration” due to its outstanding performance and advanced technology. Furthermore, it was also strongly recommended by the China Building Decoration Association to the many elite designers. The award was specifically handed out by the Deputy Chairman and Secretary of the China Building Decoration Association, Liu Xiaoyi.

With the continuous drive for the vacuum insulated glass used in the building decoration industry, the invention of LandVac would provide a significant boost for the transcending of many more building decorations and home design projects. LandVac defines a new standard for a high-quality lifestyle.

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