Showcasing of LandVac and Window & Door System at CGE 2018

CGE 2018, a professional exposition for the glass industry organized by Guangdong Glass Association, was held at Canton Fair Complex from August 27 to 29, 2018. LandGlass made an inaugural debut for its fully tempered vacuum insulated glass – LandVac and its LandVac Window & Door System.

During the exposition, there was a huge participating crowd at LandGlass’ booth. The main reason why LandGlass was able to attract such a huge number of visitors becoming a limelight of the entire exposition was attributed to its exhibition of its core products: LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass and LandVac Window & Door System that delivers comprehensive window solutions for the end-users which incorporates the advantages of LandVac with superior materials and upscale hardware.

Since the inception of LandVac over the past two years, it has been successfully sold to several regions both domestic and overseas. Additionally, it has also been widely applied in various market segmentation such as energy-savings buildings, high-end home appliances, luxury cruises, national defense scientific research, etc. By capitalizing on the unique technological advantages of its products, the vision of delivering a comprehensive solution with the best thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, anti-condensation is made possible. Furthermore, LandVac has obtained a high recognition from its customers. Besides, there was another product showcased by LandGlass – LandVac Window & Door System. Many visitors and participants have expressed great interests in its outstanding performance like thermal insulation, energy-savings, noise reduction and etc. Some of them even expressed their purchasing intention. There was a customer from Guangdong who needed to build a seafood showcasing cabinet. Therefore, he had high requirements for the anti-condensation property of glass. Prior to this exposition, he had been searching high and low for such high-quality glass but to no avail. Finally, he found LandGlass, a vacuum insulated glass manufacturer. He was so excited that he could not wait to share this good news on WeChat Moments and said he was looking forward earnestly for samples from LandGlass.

The greatest gain of CGE 2018 is a full understanding of the professional knowledge of vacuum insulated glass. You all are very passionate and professional. I’m looking forward to your samples.

In the 3-day exposition, a wide range of customers from all over the world have visited the booth of LandGlass and inquired about LandVac and its upgraded version of LandVac Window & Door System, exploring the future possibilities in the development of the glass industry. We had a mix of visitors comprising of our old, loyal customers as well as those new customers flocking to us to know more about our company. Over the years, LandGlass, leveraging on its leading technical expertise, superior product quality and customer service that is above expectation, has become the first choice of many customers in the glass tempering machine field. As the high-end sound insulated and energy-saving building material at the moment, LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass and LandVac Window& Door System are leading the world in glass research and manufacturing. under the big environment of building a beautiful Chinese society, the high-end, energy-saving Window& Door System would undoubtedly be the future development trends of the industry. LandGlass is willing to combine forces with the visionary allies to make valuable contributions for a green society with the wide use of energy-savings materials.

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