Service Life of Vacuum Insulated Glass

The high level of vacuum in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum insulated glass can effectively block the heat transmission of gas convection and acoustic wave propagation. This is why the vacuum insulated glass can deliver outstanding performance in thermal and sound insulation. The service life of the vacuum insulated glass depends on how long the vacuum pressure (≤0.1Pa) in the vacuum chamber of the glass can sustain.

The main factors leading to a decrease in vacuum pressure include:  


②Glass surface discharge;

By using the low-temperature metal sealing technology, LandVac vacuum glass has successfully solved the world-class problem regarding tempered glass annealing in the sealing process. Thanks to the flexibility of the metallic sealing material, it has also avoided the sealing failure problem associated with rigid sealing materials in an environment with large temperature differences between the two sides of the glass, leading to better performance against the temperature fluctuations. To tackle the increase of internal pressure and thermal conductance due to the surface discharge of the vacuum insulated glass after prolonged exposure to sunlight, LandVac employs high efficient gas getters inside the chamber to ensure a high level of vacuum pressure for an extended period of time and greatly reduce the performance deterioration in harsh environments. In conclusion, the successful solutions to the issues of edge sealing leakage and glass surface discharge have made it possible for you to enjoy the benefit of LandVac vacuum glass for more than 25 years.

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