Vacuum Insulated Glass Manufacturers
Vacuum insulated glass (VIG) is a type of glass that has a vacuum cavity between two tempered glasses, which reduces heat transfer and improves thermal insulation. Vacuum Insulated Glazing can be used in various applications, such as heritage windows restoration and replacement, sunrooms, skylights, and curtain walls.
Some of the leading manufacturers of Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG) in the world are AGC, NSG, Panasonic, Landglass(LandVac), and HaanGlas.
LandGlass(LandVac) is a pioneer in developing and producing tempered Vacuum insulated Glass units, which have higher strength, safety, and durability than conventional VIG units.
LandGlass uses its advanced glass tempering furnace and technology to heat and cool the glass lites uniformly and precisely, ensuring the quality and performance of the vacuum insulated glass units.
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