How does LandVac tempered vacuum glazing achieve such high transparency?
LandVac vacuum glazing achieves remarkable transparency due to its innovative design and advanced materials. Let me explain how it attains such clarity:

Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG) Composition:
LandVac vacuum glazing comprises two flat tempered glass panes separated by micro support spacers.
Optical Transparency:
Unlike traditional double glazing, which can have multiple layers of air or gas, LandVac’s single vacuum layer minimizes light scattering.
This results in excellent optical transparency, allowing natural light to penetrate without loss of clarity or distortion.
LandVac vacuum glazing is ideal for various architectural purposes:
Windows: It brightens interiors while maintaining energy efficiency.
Curtain Walls: Enhances aesthetics without compromising transparency.
Skylights: Allows abundant daylight without compromising insulation.
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