China’s First Self-developed 8.5 Generation TFT-LCD Glass Substrate Successfully Rolled off the Production Line

Recently, China’s first 8.5 generation TFT-LCD glass substrate independently developed by Triumph Technology, a company affiliated to the China Building Materials Group, successfully rolled off the production line in Anhui, marking the breakthrough in China’s high-generation TFT-LCD glass substrate. China has now become the third country in the world to master the production technology of high-generation TFT-LCD glass substrates, after the United States and Japan.

TFT-LCD glass substrate (i.e. a glass substrate for the thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal displays), is one of the key strategic materials for the electronic information display industry. Its production control precision is comparable to that of the semiconductor industry, representing the highest level in the field of modern large-scale glass manufacturing in the world. In order to promote the high-quality development of China’s information display industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology has launched a project focusing on “The Development and Industrialization Demonstration of the Core Technology in High-generation Electronic Glass Substrate and Cover Plate” under the key national R&D plan “The Technology Upgrading and Industrialization of Key Basic Materials”, aiming at enhancing the initiative and voice of China’s electronic glass industry in the international market.

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