Fuyao Glass and BOstar Navigation Entered a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Develop New Auto Glass

Fuyao Glass and BOstar Navigation signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen in July. Relying on their respective industrial resources and technological advantages, the two parties will make joint efforts to develop and commercialize the innovative solution that integrates the GNSS high precision positioning, multi-mode smart antenna, and auto glass to promote technologies related to the commercial applications of automotive smart networking.

By combining antenna, satellite high-precision positioning, and other cutting-edge technologies, Fuyao Glass and BOstar Navigation intend to give a full play of their advantages in this cooperation and jointly invest in the R&D and commercialization of innovative intelligent products that incorporate automotive electronics into the automotive glass.

As China just completed its global navigation network with the launch of its final Beidou-3 satellite, it is understood that the two parties took the opportunity and sought cooperation to fulfill the demands on the integration of auto glass, high precision positioning, antenna, autopilot controller, and other components following the completion of the intelligent navigation network.

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